Monday, November 3

Wow, That was a crazy busy, fun weekend... I need a nap!

K, So Discovery church had our PARTnership dinner Saturday Night (pictures coming soon). It was a costume party with a 70's theme. We had Bar-b-cuties cater it and we had a blast. Thanks to all the people who have committed to this church and to God. Before that we had a get together at a friends house (Derek & Amy) on Friday (yeap, another costume party). Then comes Sunday, game day: we had church (duhh) then we had Financial Peace then Sheila and the teens girls are doing a study on purity and finally we had youth group. Oh yeah, youth group was a costume party also!
So a long story short is: we have been running wild around here and dressing up doing it all!

Over all it was a great weekend!
We started our 1st of 5 sermons on Cabbage and you gotta check it out! Children's church was different and fun and the youth have accepted a good challenge this week to read 1 John

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Derick Shipley said...

It was a fun, busy weekend at Discovery. I am not going to ask what you guys did w/ the flip flops after the partnership party!!