Wednesday, August 20

yeah it's rap... Wanna make something of it?

Kinda hittin hard but a great message:

Check this last verse:
If I could write to every kid that out there
Every kid thats hurting feels like nobody cares
I would tell them that god can wipe away every tear
And he's right near and i would say it quite clear
Your here for a reason you're not a mistake
you are a special creation that God himself made
To the victims of abuse to every girl that was raped
You can live and be free from your pain
And find strength and no longer be ashamed
You can find peace and hope in Jesus name
You ain't gotta live with this hurt everyday
Christ came to give you life in a much better way
To every kid right now that's full of hate
And bitterness I'd tell em just to give it all away
To the one that came to take all the blame
That's what I'd write here's what I'd say

1 comment:

Kim said...

WOW! Hitting the nail on the head with those lyrics. Thanks for sharing.