Thursday, August 14

My official apology

To Jason and Randy:
I am sorry for my bad attitude lately. I have be very rebellious about almost everything from icc (pastors conference) to an associational luncheon to a book that we are to be reading. I don’t know why. I think this is just a new attack on me from satan or something. I have just been way too negative.

So Jason, Sorry! I will try to control my negativity and rebelliousness. Half of my problem is that I talk too fast and think too slow. I know these books, meetings, classes and conferences will help me do my job more effectively. I will try not to make any more bad comments on our latest read and even though it is not one of the 66, I will read it and try my best to get something out of it.

And Randy, I am sorry for constantly butting in on you. It seems you leave little breaks in your sentences and I try to slip in there way to often. Thank you for your patients and for not poking me in the eye for being rude. Your ideas and input are GREAT and we need them. Also forgive me for constantly tearing down the new book we are to read. By doing this, I am sure that I am giving it a negative vibe. And that doesn’t help you to want to read it. The book isn’t a best seller for no reason.

I am sorry and I feel like the south end of a donkey for the way I have been acting. Keep me in check and don’t let me act the fool for so long.

I am also sorry for making your jobs harder, thats NOT what I am here for.

For those of you who don’t know me or what I am talking about here, forgive me, But maybe God brought you here for a reason. Maybe it’s time for you to do a gut check to see how your attitude has been. If it’s been as poor as mine then I will pray for you and me at the same time, If you have a good attitude, send me some pointers to my comment section.


Jim Bird said...


I appreciate what you are saying; I've been doing a bit of that at my job lately. Sometimes it is hard to voice an honest opinion that may be contrary to what others are thinking, without being a stumbling block. I wasn't hired to be a "yes man", but I wasn't hired to run the company either. I think it's okay to disagree, but I just have to do it in the right spirit, and be quiet when I can't.

Your ability to look at things from a different viewpoint than others is part of the way God made you. People like you are a valuable and necessary part to any good team, because you have the ability to point out things that others may miss or not consider. Not everyone can do that. Used properly, it adds strength to a team, kind of like rebar in concrete. Only you and God can figure out if you have crossed over to the "Dark Side" with your gifts. :)

I appreciate you putting this message out like this. It was a good reminder to me too.

I appreciate you.

Jason Ebeling said...

I'm printing this and putting it in your personnel file.

Seriously, glad to find out it wasn't just me and looking forward to the "new and improved" Claude. Either way I like working with you....just that there's only one way I actually like being with you.

Anonymous said...

Since your hair cut, I hardly recognize you...Fred:)