Monday, August 4

It's my Birthday!!!

you would think that with iCal, outlook, plaxo and a blackberry leading the way, that our wonderful Pastor could get my birthday correct! But noooo, he put in the bulletin that TODAY is my b-day. It's next week! don't make me any older than I already am Jason. So I get a call today, from a great family, to make sure we are home. When they get here, they have a cake and card for me. They were sweating to get it to me TODAY since their spiritual leader announced it. So needless to say they could have waited a few but hey... I got cake!!! And I am going to eat it like it IS my b-day!!!


The Nassars said...

how funny!

Jim Bird said...

Happy Birthday! I know I'm early, but I'll forget by next week.

Davey Kolk said...

there is no dignified way to eat cake.