Monday, August 6

Have you seen this guy?

Name: Jason Ebeling
Height: “wish I was taller”
Hair: brown or bald, strange patch on chin & around mouth (could be a mole)
Distinguishing marks: tattoo of Hello Kitty and Sponge Bob on his back (under the hair)
Last seen: beginning of summer (6/10) on stage. Has been spotted only once since then (7/22) for a short message then disappeared again.

If you have any information on his whereabouts or know how to get him back on stage please contact Claude at the nearest Bo-Jangles.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think I saw this guy out last sunday night "Trying" to play basketball. I could tell it was him because he couldn't jump higher than 3/4 of an inch and hit the backboard 1 out of every 10 times he shot the ball. He was last sceen leaving the building, crying, out of breath and mumbling about how had just been schooled by some really good basketball player he refered to as Shipley. I will keep an eye out for him and let you know if I see him again. If I do I will leave a message for you at Champions Gym.