Thursday, August 2

The Fantasic Four results from church

The Results are in:
During our message on July 15th we compared Christians with the Fantastic Four. Then we challenged our guest to let us know which one their walk most resembled.

Sorry it took so long to post these but we really wanted a game plan before we revealed the results. If you have no idea what this is you need to listen to our message on the F4 (

From low to high here it is:
The Thing (rock solid) 7
Mr Fantastic (flexible & conforming) 16
Human Torch (flash in the pan) 17
Invisible Girl (Invisable & unknown) 29!!!

That is quite a leap in numbers and really has us thinking: Christians don’t know how to put their faith into action, to reflect God in their daily lives and they don’t know how or why to share their story of Gods movement in their lives. So stay tuned for the next few series here at Discovery while we work with the “Invisible Christians”. We are pretty much taking this trough the rest of the year but for the Torches, Flex & Rocks out their, do not feel left out cause we are hitting on those also during this time.

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