Friday, January 26


for those not in service or not reading the back of the program:

What’s with all of the “get _____ quick” stuff? Get rich quick, get thin fast, Get out of dept fast, have a better body in a month, all of this in just 15 minutes a day (and 3 easy payments of 19.99!)! Why do we think and believe that problems that took years to make can go away over night with little or no effort? What makes us think that a pill the size of a pencil eraser can get rid of weight that took years to gain? And how can spending my money on a get rich quick book get me rich? Unless it tells us to start selling “get rich quick” books, I don’t see it. What I am saying is; some things just take time...and effort. What’s instant is the decision and the dedication that we put into it. If you want fast results, get your photos at a 1/2 hour developer, other than that, plan on effort, hard work and commitment. Long term results are better and worth it, plus they are habit forming and prevent the fallbacks and rebounds. This works in our relationships also!

Have you ever heard: you get out of it what you put into it? What are you putting in to?

there you go Jim...I up dated it

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I missed my name. Thank you for updating. Of course, it's now been two weeks since your last update.

-Jim Bird