Wednesday, January 24

Bloggidy blog, blog blog!

My senior pastor says 1 month is too long between blogs! Well he must be right, so here I blog. I never said I was good at this or even consistent but I try.
Anyway, I just got back from Tampa with my secular business and everything went great. I had 2 meetings and visited several of our accounts. I still have one meeting next week in Atlanta Ga. and I will be (so sadly) missing yet another staff meeting!
For those of you that were praying for my job…we got a one year contract so thank God for me! Now to get the prices up so we can pay our employees more J


Jason Ebeling said...

Yeah, blame it on me...bad senior pastor. What's with the "Senior" part anyway? Is that a hint? I'm only 35 so I guess that makes you the "senior" pastor. And on missing the staff meeting and being "sad" Revelation 21:8 - it says what happens to liars.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! That was good Jason! I just love the funny banter between the two of you. It's like you're married!!!!

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

OK, as acting "Senior Pastor" I herby cancel all curent and future schedlued staff meetings!