Friday, January 26

Going to Ga.

We have a meeting in atlanta Ga. this coming up Tuesday. The Home Depot (after 15 years of service) decided we need contracts! So they will be going over it with all of the assembly companys then. (btw, thats my secular job...the one paying me :). the last time all of the different assemblers got together it was a feeding frenzy and they actualy ate several of there managers! It wasnt pretty. I pray this time that we dont make thier job or lives any harder than it already is. The Home Depot, over all, has been a great blessing to me and my family and I want it to continue that way until Discovery Church can bring me on full time.

Pray for wisdom and respect all around for this meeting.


Jason Ebeling said...

I'm praying they cancel the meeting and you can make it to the staff meeting!!!

Anonymous said...


The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

didnt you read my reply to your reply under "Bloggidy blog, blog blog!"? I canceled staff meeting!