Friday, December 18

a little randomness waiting for some snow

Which way are we going?

Honey: Not quit so sweet anymore is it!!!!

"Wait, right there, hold that pose, work it, work it!"

on a serious note, Sheila and I (well mostly Sheila) are finishing up on last minute things before our crazy weekend and monday drive to Fl. Here is a look at our schedule:
Friday morn: Go to dads house to drop off gift and wish them a marry Christmas.
Friday afternoon: Go to moms house to drop off gift and wish her a marry Christmas.
Friday evening: breathe!
Saturday morn: set up church
Saturday afternoon: set up party
Saturday evening: dual birthday party (big)
Saturday night: Crosslink youth lock in
Sunday morn: get lock-in'r up & ready for church
Sunday morn: Children's church party
Sunday noon: tear down
Sunday afternoon: breathe!
Sunday night: Crosslink youth Christmas party
Monday dawn: drive south for 12 hours!
next two weeks: BREATHE!!!

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