Wednesday, December 9

ain't skeered

So since the demise of our minivan we haven't been able to take our truck off the road to fix the slipping transmission. Well we are going to borrow the church van for a few days and get out truck fixed BEFORE Christmas!

So here goes:
I like the guy that the "over charging transmission repair people" hate. They want over $1200 to rebuild your trany and will tell you that it cannot be done at home. Well I beg to differ! This rebuild will cost me about $300 (including the manuel). The biggest thing about transmissions is that people are scared of them. They really are not that bad. You just have to put all of the parts back where they go :)

We have been driving around in second gear for several months now because of this:
The bottom friction should look like the top one! They were worn out and burnt. But It is nice knowing exactly what the problem is. Next step is cleaning and reassembly and then we get our gas milage back.

So Lord willing we will be back on the road in a few days.

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Sheila said...

In case I don't tell u enough, I am so ridiculously proud of u and am continually awed by the things that u can do. I'm thankful that God gave me a husband who's "handy" at numerous things!!!

I love U!