Tuesday, August 18


Tony my brother who 3 weeks ago had a major heart attack is possibly going home today. He called last night and claims to be feeling great. He still has a trach in his throat but the docs don't think it will be a problem.
He sounds like his is back to his old self (minus a few bad habits). There is no reason for this fast recovery except for GOD! Everyone told us that IF he came out of this, there WOULD be months of rehab. Some much for med school!!! I absolutely love it when our Creator makes fools of us.
As for me, I am finally catching up and getting back into the swing of things. I feel refreshed and ready to move forward. We have been working to better define what God has called us to be doing here in Greenville. We know what and why we are here: we just want a clear way to explain it to people. Why do we(us Churches) feel so compelled to explain, in just a few words, what God is doing when even God needed 66 books to explain?

Until next time: spend time with God.


Gentzlers said...

Fantastic! I have been wondering about him. God is sooooo good.

Sheila said...

WOOHOO!!!!! Prayers lifted up! I truly hope that Tony sees what God has done for him physically and it opens up doors for what God can do for him spiritually!
I love you baby and I'm glad your brother is getting better!