Thursday, August 6

Still kick'in

As most of you already know, my brother Tony age 45 had a massive heart attack Tuesday (7/28) at about 3:30pm. 911 was called fast and got there fast and Tony had cpr going almost immediately. This is what saved his life. He has been In the hospital since and hasn’t really gained, what I would call, conciseness. Tony has opened his eyes and even tracked back and forth to people who were talking, we have one foot wiggle and one hand wiggle on request but that is about it.

The doctors don’t know how much “Tony” is left in there but we keep seeing little things that tell us he may be there. His wife (of one month!) brought in a cd player and loaded Tony’s worn out Pink Floyd cd and Tony seemed to respond. He smiled at our good friend Chris Kules and he teared up the first time mom, dad and myself went in and talked to him.

They cannot wake him up until they get the tubes out of his mouth. This means they need to put a trach in his throat. This is our newest frustration: why they will not go ahead and do this! There is nothing else scheduled and he is stable and moving in the right direction. Either way, we wait.

Well that is the update on my brother.

Thank you for all of your prayers and everyone that is keeping the wheels rolling in Greenville for me. I will miss our youth lock-in and swimming trip and that is a major bummer!

These are truly weird times and everything seems so unreal. There are times that I cannot even think of what to pray, then there are time where I cannot stop praying. We have been on a roller-coaster ride with good news and then bad news and good again. I am fine with that as long as we always end with good news.

Hopefully we will see our Greenville Friends real soon and have good news when we do.


Laci Strickland said...

We're still praying for you both!! Thanks for the update so we know how we can pray specifically. Praying that they can get the tubes out soon and that Tony will show more progress.

Jenn said...

Yes, we are praying with you guys! So happy to hear of Tony's progress.