Friday, October 3

yeah, yeah back off!

I know I haven't been around but honestly my time in front of this screen has been limited. So here are some updates:

My mom-in-law got a mac! She is now cool!!!
(other cool mac people: Sheila, Shannon (brand new user) Eddie, Jason, Davey, Jeremy, Jessica, Todd, Frank, Philip W., Brad, Felicia and Joshua ( It turns out that JENN is a mac user also.... She is cool!)
If you have a mac, let me know and you too will be cool!

Excited to be back in the grove after a vacation and trip to Fl.
BTW Val, we came by your house, shame on you for not being there!!!!
Get the privilege to preach to the kids in 2 days! yay!

Leave for Ga. in 5 days, 9 of us Discovery peeps will be at Catalyst Conference and I am pumped about it.

in three weeks I preach to grown ups! (at least by their age!) (Thanks for volunteering me RANDY!!!) At first I didn't really want to but the more I look over my message, I am getting into it and see it as an opportunity for people to be challenged.

I am learning that forgiveness still comes with consequences. And love takes work.

I am disappointed in our deacons... Oh Wait...We DON"T HAVE DEACONS!!! (At least that's what the deacon committee claims!)

I am called be be right where I am! THAT IS AN AWESOME FEELING!!!

in 10 minutes I will be in bed, Good night!


The Nassars said...

Becky said you were making your rounds in my neck of the woods! I am really sorry we missed ya'll!! It was prob. the day we had a meeting at church... :(
Maybe next time!!

Davey Kolk said...

wish i could be gong to ga. it's not to late.

Anne Jackson said...

looking forward to seeing you there! don't forget to check out :) that's how i found you...

Jenn said...

I have a Mac!