Saturday, October 11

Home at last!

if I had to use one word for the last 3 days it would be WOW. THe good WOW and the bad wow. Here we go:
wow, that was a long stinki'n ride
WOW, good food at FATZ
wow, bad ingestion from FATZ
WOW, I don't have to sleep on the floor OR with another dude.
wow, that was the coldest night EVER... TURN off the ac dude!!!
wow, looks like we will be walking in the rain
WOW, there sure are a lot of people at Catalyst walking in the rain with us.
WOW, we got a limo ride to the door, no rain for us!!!
WOW, I have heard from the top speakers in our country!
wow, my brain hurts!
wow, we (Discovery church) didn't win anything :( ... yet!
WOW, what powerful worship!
wow, the ride home was longer than the ride there!!!
wow, marcus gets weird when he gets tired.
wow, it was 3am before I got to bed.
wow, I gotta be up in the morning!!!
WOW, I just spent the last three days with the coolest people from Discovery Church!!!



Jenn said...

I enjoyed reading this. We are originally from western NC and we had a Fatz near is soooo GOOD!

Glad it was an uplifting time for you all.


Derick Shipley said...

Are you saying I am not one of the coolest people from Discovery?


Anonymous said...

I second that Derick!!