Wednesday, November 14

the left behinds

ok, you you N.C. people know us as the N.C. church plant but here is a little look at what we left behind:
here is Chelsea, David on drums and Nathan on base. These guys are my x-Awana kids and Jasons X-youth. We watch these guys grow up into young adults and now they are leading youth praise. We really miss them and love seeing them when we come down for work. When we pull up, they almost tackle us to the ground with hugs. I cant believe how much they have grown. Most of them are Driving cars!

anyway here's a few blurry phone pics

BTW, Blame Jason for the decorating! OK people, he's GONE PAINT ALREADY!!!


Anonymous said...

Man I miss them! It was really freaky to see Chelsea Houle driving a car! I still think she's like 14! But I guess it's equally weird that Randy and I are married with a baby lol

Unknown said...

Wow...David on Drums?