Thursday, March 15

Would you treat them different?

I am amazed that I know people and treat them one way, then I find out something about their life, a tragedy, a problem or a struggle, and then the way I treat them changes. My heart is now invested in them. My actions are more intentional and my conversation with them deepens.  My concern is: why did I change with more or new information about them. I mean, shouldn't I treat everyone the same? The person didn't change, my information about them did.

Am I wrong to feel a little guilty about my difference? Sometimes maybe but that is what relationships are really all about. Our investment in others needs to be growing and true relationships will bring new information that will bring more Opportunities to better invest into that relationship.

My take away is to try to treat people as fragile valuables and not be carless with my words. God, teach me to see what YOU see and to feel what YOU feel. Those souls were purchased by the blood of your Son Jesus Christ and I need to treat them like it.

Thank you for life lessons!

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