Wednesday, August 24

Changed the site name...

for awhile anyway. So keep an eye out to see if I change it back. Other than that, I do most of my updates on my Facebook page.

In life: Love my wife, anniversary in a few days (Aug 27th). Still in love, still dating her and she is my special someone.

In Faith: I really feel God is working on me. Been spending time reading and seeking Him. Looking forward to what He will show me and where he will take me. I feel sorry for the ones who haven't "experienced" God. Knowledge is great and all but I really believe that God wants relationship. Take time to listen.

In Work: Discovery Church is awesome. I get to spend time with some amazing people. Adults, Teens and Kids! Thank you all for making it such a great place to serve.

In Fun: Needing some time off to work on the Mustang: A car I am restoring for my brother.

Thats a quick update, nothing too deep.

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