Saturday, April 30

Blog from the swing

It's Saturday and there is a certain calm before the storm. A moment to breath. Please don't get me wrong, the storm that is coming is a great thing. It is out teen week at church. We call it CTO for Crosslink Take Over. They will do everything! Last year I was a huge part of the message and no, I am not a teen, tho I am a part of Crosslink. This year I have been kicked off of the stage. Two of my amazing teens want to deliver a message that God has laid on our hearts. Every time we meet to plan, I get more exited. This is a message that people need to hear, the music they will play and the food and greeting that will happen.

In addition to this amazing Sunday we will be selling lunch on the grounds to finalize our camp fundraiser. This will be a crazy next couple of weeks. We have a lot to do and I am not one who likes to give up control. Pray for out May 15th event: that God will speak though these kids, that the people will accept the message given them, that we will pull it all off and that God gets the credit for the whole thing.

So in order to better focus on listening to God: starting Monday, I will be logged off of Face Book until after the event. That's two weeks from tomorrow. This will be challenging form me since FB is the primary tool I use to communicate with the teens. Their post tell me how they are doing and even sometimes tell me what they need. I will not fast from loving them, they will just have to watch their phones for text and check there....wait for it...Emails!!! Who knows: maybe they will see a little something from me in the mail (check that box out by the road!).

I want to better at listening to God and recognizing His voice. I promise: they more you actually listen, the more you will hear.

So I am sitting here on my swing, in an amazing 72 degrees and a nice breeze. The dogs are playing, and wanting me to play and I am enjoying the calm before the storm.

Be in prayer, be listening and be at 621 W. Firetower Rd,Winterville, NC 28590 on May 15th at 10:10am.

That's your blog!!!

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