Monday, March 30

beat you to it!!!!

ok, slam!
Before any of you Windoz PC users out there bash me about the new Microsoft commercial showing that PC's are cheaper than Macs, DON'T!!!

First off Microsoft does NOT sell pc's, they sell an operating system. IF they would build a machine for their os then half of the pc problems would go away. But they don't!

Second off "Lauren"("Laptop Hunters $1000 – Lauren Gets an HP Pavilion">Video: Laptop Hunters $1000 – Lauren Gets an HP Pavilion), our desperate little "uncool" laptop hunter, is not just some girl looking for a computer on the cheap. She is an actress. One who signed a contract not to talk about the commercial.

Third, if she was getting any laptop under $1000 for free, why did she stop at one that was only $699? She didn't play the game very well. I would have had me one chiming in at $999.99!

While I will agree macs are more cash than pc's BUT you go look at the price of antivirus (that you have to update yearly), then look at MS office. Plus when you get a mac, you get a machine designed by the people that made the os for it. kinda like your car(yes it has a computer) and your cell phone, even your Microsoft Xbox. A ton of hardware makers are hard to keep up with and to be compatible with. Thus all of the problems that you guys keep calling me about.

So here are your options: Learn how to use Mac or learn how to reformat your pc!!!

I am Claude, and I'm a Mac! (but I know how to work on an fix your pc!)


Gentzlers said...

I would totally do the $999.99 thing, but anyways I was kinda wondering when you would post about my and Sarah's BQ and Games. Apparently you like Becca allot more then us.


The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

No that is not true at all, I like all of you... Well maybe not Josh! Nahh I like him too!. You guys look like you have a great club. The older club games are tough! We never really did much with them so I don't recognize a lot of them.

Dean Hewitt said...

How does the Mac stack up to my Commadore 64 with Windows 1.1? I hope I haven't made you jealous....and what is antivirus?

Anonymous said...

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