Monday, December 24

OK my two blog readers are wanting me to post something

My Job
As most of you know my secular job is in Florida. I go down there about once a month. My last trip down Sheila was able to go and we drove. It was a good trip and we got stuff done that was well past due.
Shortly after that I had a meeting with Home Depot Corporate office. Its weird but they have all of their vendors at the same time. So I am spending the day with ALL of my competition. I have to brag about my company a little…We constantly make them look bad. It takes very little effort and it is not intentional at all. Our service and abilities just outweigh them. I am confident that this meeting will bring us more business form Home Depot in the near future.

My Ministry
Things at Discovery are going well though I have to admit to “playing church” a little when I could be working harder. The Rock (Children’s Church) has really been fun lately. We have a good group of kids that seem to “want” to be there. The permanent install stuff really brings it to life. Starting in 08 we will be introducing a new character but you will have to wait and see.
We had to make more chair carts to handle the added service attendees. That is the kinda work I like!
Also we are having our 1st Christmas Eve Service tonight, so come on out and join us.

My Personal Doings
Our church PARTners hooked us up with bed and breakfast gift cards for a few nights so Sheila and I put the phones on hold (1st time in a couple of years) and headed to Burlington N.C. We stayed at the Burk Manor on the third floor with a bathtub big enough to swim in. It was great…Thank you all!
Here’s a rundown of the shopping Sheila did while I followed closely behind:
Wednesday = Raleigh: Triangle mall, Guitar center and Tiger Direct
Burlington: Mall and dinner at longhorns
Thursday = Burlington: Harley Davison store, outlets, more outlets, outdoor mall and dinner at Chili’s
Friday = Burlington: The Coat Factory (of course), J&R’s
Durham: The Southpoint Mall
Raleigh: Crabtree Mall
Greenville: diner at Chili’s with friends
The only site seeing we did had price tags on it!!! It was a good time and I did get to a few “man stores”

OK…I have Blogged!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back on here. You are such a trooper with all of that shopping!!!

Laci Strickland said...

Sheila sure knows how to shop right!!
Laci :)

The Nassars said...

just for the record, I keep up with you and Sheila through this blog, so it's good to see an update once in a while. Did you know we may in your neck of the woods next week?

Jim Bird said...

Good boy! Now, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

About due for an update...haven't had numbers in a month now!

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