Thursday, June 7

Ok, maybe just a little blog

Preach! they are gonna let me preach! I get 1/2 a message for Fathers Day and a whole message the following Sunday. I am excited to get up there again and I am shure the nerves will be getting worse as the time gets closer.

IPHONE count down! thoose who know me, know I like "techie" stuff! This thing is awsome and I GOTTA HAVE ONE! BUT I will not be buying one! nope, I will just have to do without at over $500. I will take donations for one tho! Anyone out there (jim) who wants to support my "ministry" (jim) just go right ahead (jim) after all I haven gotten a new phone in weeks!


Anonymous said...

I will donate .35 cents to you so you can use the Pay phone to make a call. Glad I can help!!!!

Derek Brown said...

If Jim has some spare cash around, I'll take one too.

Kim said...

Pay phone? You mean those still exist. I'll chip in .35 too in case you need two phone calls :-)

Jim Bird said...

Ok, now I know I've been a bit distracted lately, but you do understand I don't work for Greg anymore, right? I tell you what, I will look in my sofa cushions, and anything that doesn't go toward my mortgage, you can have!