Monday, April 16

WOW a week without Jason!!!

Man, what am I gonna do! I have the power to CANCEL staff meeting!!! BUT I WILL NOT! I will be a good boy and we will have a meeting. We may do some plotting against him tho! Hey Randy...I got the keys to his truck! Do you have any pink paint? No…How about lime green?

Anyway, We lived through our second week at the Boys & Girls club and there were almost no casualties! We plan on working hard to streamline setup & tear down to help our volunteers as much as possible. We are still getting done in good time but it takes a lot more people.


Jason Ebeling said...

Oh Claude...I'm sure you knew I would check in occasionally. So I commend you on still meeting. Why don't you have an extra piece of cake as a reward. And anything but the truck (or the house)

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Jason, a lime green truck could really work for you! If you close your eyes and concentrate real hard, I'm sure you can picture it!!!!

Jim Bird said...

Well, you obviously didn't use the free time blogging!


The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

FREE TIME! well you must not know me very well!!!