Tuesday, March 20

Back to Tampa!

Yeap. We are headed back down to Tampa to avoid another Staff Meeting...did I type that?! I meant to type "we are headed back to Tampa for my job." my bad!

This time Sheila is joining me. we are going to take the T R A I N, and it will take 16 hours or more. That is a long time to sit ANYWHERE, Its going to feel like staff meeting! Dont tell Jason that I will be stuck in one place for that long or he will join us and make it a staff meeting!!!

Jim, We are not sure if we will make AWANA but I WILL bring a leader shirt to prevent you guys from breaking the rules again (2 times now...I am counting).

For those who are wondering who Jim is: he is my "blog nemesis" down in Tampa. He forces me to update this blog against my will. One day I will have the power to defeat him! But for no...I blog!


Anonymous said...

I like the sound of this Jim guy...anyone who can get you to update your blog can't be too bad!!

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

I see your typing but you ARE NOT SAYING ANYTHING!!!

Anonymous said...

AWANAS......so you think that will be coming Discovery's way? What an awesome acitivty!

Stone's mom

Kim said...

Hey we missed you both! Are you home yet. Love the updates..when they come :-)

Anonymous said...

It sure seems like Claude has been in Tampa for a long time....I know if he got back he would update his blog and let everyone know, so he must still be down there.

Anonymous said...

You only had to leave North Carolina to avoid your staff meetings...I had to move to Canada to avoid M & C's...HAHAHAHA!!!