Friday, February 2

The count down

Ok, for those of you who think church people are boring. I have been able to squeeze a little "Claude time" out of my busy schedule and got out in the garage to work on "the truck". If you haven't seen it, it is a 410 horse power s-10 that I build/am building. we towed it up here from Fl. cause it wasn't running and at 4mpg we couldn't drive it if it was running! Well I actual drove it 2 weeks ago, its not done but getting close. I am planning on tagging it this week and getting this thing on the road.

I really want this thing driving soon so feel free to stop by and turn a few bolts :)
btw; I found the best way to get that "Claude time" is avoiding staff meetings! It works well, you should try it! (he thinks I have been out of town :) )


Jason Ebeling said...

You like to talk tough, but I got you out to a "staff meeting" of sorts yesterday. Granted, we had to meet at Bojangles, but I think it served us well as we've got a much tighter grip on our next series coming up. I'm actually more excited about it now.

So don't think I don't know what you're doing.....God and I are pretty tight and he'll let me know what you're doing! And, since he's omniscient you can't get away with anything

Anonymous said...

I say miss all the staff meetings and have more Claude time. (I am just saying this so you will invite me over for the PPV on Sat!!)